The difference between ordinary buildings and residential complexes

The Turkish state has made a great leap in the real estate market, and today there is a developed and modern style of housing, which is the modern residential complexes, which have specifications that differ greatly from the ordinary traditional buildings, and with the presence of many advantages of traditional buildings such as the ancient architectural style that preserves the identity of the place and acceptable prices. The social life is diverse, but the residential complexes have specifications that may surpass the ordinary buildings. The modern residential complex is a group of buildings surrounded by a fence and a security system to protect the complex, and each complex has an administration that completely supervises and manages it, and the complex contains many service facilities. And recreational facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, restaurants, reception halls, sports clubs, children’s play areas and other facilities that differ from one complex to another, making residential complexes an important and essential destination today for Arabs and foreigners, tourists and investors, as a result of their ideal specifications and practical and contemporary advantages.