9 Easiest Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Turkish law raised In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, the interest of many investors around the world, especially the citizens of many countries in the Arab region, who seek more comfort in movement and travel, in addition to the commercial openness of their business .

Many investors did not hesitate to go through such an experience, as it does not contain any kind of risk, because such an experience does not involve any material loss at all, but rather just a kind of real estate ownership. Or safe investment or bank deposit, nothing more .

The 9 easiest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship :

There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, some of which come with an investment condition, and others with a condition of origin and lineage, In addition to other cases in which Turkish citizenship is obtained .

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment includes :

1. Property ownership : It is the fastest way, as this is done by owning a property in Turkey with a value of at least 400 thousand dollars, provided that the property is not sold for a period of three years .

2. Cash Deposit : By depositing the equivalent of a minimum of 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years .

3. Investing in Turkey : With a minimum capital of 500 thousand dollars .

4. Employment of Turkish citizens : And you by hiring 50 workers with Turkish citizenship .

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship by origin and descent :

5. Marriage to a Turkish national : Provided the stability of the marriage for a period of 3 years .

6. Proof of paternity of Turkish origin : By proving parentage through an Ottoman document, or certified proof .

7. Adoption _ Turkish law gives the Turkish family the right to adopt a child under the legal age and therefore an application can be submitted for the child to obtain Turkish citizenship .

  • Other cases in which Turkish citizenship is obtained :

8. Residence in Turkey : For a period of 5 years with obtaining a work permit .

9. Exceptional citizenship : which is granted to certain persons, such as highly qualified expatriates and residents .

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship :

  • There are thousands of foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, but there are many conditions necessary to obtain it. Only foreign citizens who meet all of the following conditions can obtain Turkish citizenship :

1- The applicant must be of puberty age .

2- Residence in Turkey for five years without interruption .

3- The applicant must prove documents for the purpose of residence in Turkey. These purposes are :

  1. Own a property in Turkey .
  2. Establishing a business in Turkey .
  3. Invest in Turkey .
  4. Moving to Turkey for the purpose of business or trading company .
  5. Work in Turkey with a work permit .
  6. Marriage to a Turkish citizen .
  7. I was close to someone who had previously acquired Turkish citizenship .
  8. Complete education fully in Turkey .

4- The absence of a disease that constitutes an obstacle to public health .

5- The person should be responsible and trustworthy .

6- He should be fluent in the Turkish language, that is, he should have the ability to speak a sufficient level of the Turkish language .

7- That the person has an income or a profession to support himself in Turkey .

8- Respect for public order and national security .

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship related to real estate ownership

  • In real estate investment, Turkish law states that for people who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property, the property must also meet certain conditions, and these conditions are:

1- What are the conditions that must be met in the property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The value of the purchased real estate shall not be less than 400 thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate . The property must be legally registered in the Land Registry regardless of whether the property is ready or if it is apartments and properties under construction . The property must be purchased either from the Turkish construction company or from a Turkish person . Pay the value of the property through regular bank transfers. Foreigners are also required to obtain a property appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company approved by the Turkish government .

2- What are the conditions that must be met by the buyer of the property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship?

1. The property buyer must be one of the nationalities included in the decision to grant citizenship in exchange for owning a property, as the right to naturalization in Turkey includes all nationalities except for certain nationalities, including: North Korea and Syria. 2. The buyer must be an adult . 3. Turkish citizenship is granted to the property owner, his wife and children under the age of 18. 4. The property buyer must not sell it for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase .