Real estate appraisal and its benefits in Turkey

Real estate appraisal is determining the value of real estate in all its forms to reach its market value, and it is a prerequisite for buying real estate or obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners in Turkey, and one of the benefits of real estate appraisal is to show any fraud in the property specifications between what is written at purchase and what appears upon delivery, For example, buying a property with a value double its real value, or the existence of legal problems on the property, or the construction being improper or suspended if the property is under construction, and one of the benefits of real estate evaluation is to balance the price per square meter in the property, as it does not prevent the re-evaluation after two or three years of purchase To find out where the price of the property has reached and compare it with competing properties to find out the most appropriate time for sale as well as the parties that can pay the highest price in the property.

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