A New Way to Invest and Obtain Turkish Citizenship


Ways to invest in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship

Owners of hotels and immovable property began to sell their property to foreigners by dividing it into equal shares. Where the foreigner gets a share of 250 thousand dollars and thus obtains Turkish citizenship in this way, while also investing in the hotel for a period of 15 years .

And according to what Turkey has translated, the right to obtain citizenship granted to foreigners has now begun in exchange for buying houses or real estate Immovables worth $250,000 are emerging in different sectors. The tourism sector has witnessed a major quantum leap over the past two years and the door has been opened for foreigners to obtain the right of citizenship. Recently, hotel owners began selling their hotels in the form of equal shares to foreigners, as this matter is considered as a real estate investment partnership .

A first example in this field was the sale of a hotel in Nisantasi Nişantaşı , where The owner of the 28-room hotel in Nisantasi district of Istanbul divided the hotel building into 10 equal shares and sold each share for $250,000 . Among the shares bought by the ten people, many foreigners have invested in the tourism sector and obtained Turkish citizenship .

Foreign investors will also get a share of the hotel's profits, and the investment period will range between 10-15 years .

The property is being sold more than its value in this way

Ibrahim Khalil Korkmaz, President of the Istanbul Tourism Association (ISTTA) as he translated Turkey now stated that the owners of small hotels in Istanbul started selling their property to foreigners by dividing it into equal shares in this way .

Korkmaz said that the hotels when they are divided into shares can be sold at a price much higher than their real value, and the owner of the property can sell the hotel to one person for 1.5 to 2 million dollars and in this way it can be sold for between 2.5 to 3 million dollars. This system also provides profits to foreign investors, and Korkmaz continues, “Selling hotels is considered a real and vivid business, The share invested in the hotel at a value of 250 thousand dollars provides significant returns and revenues for the hotel .

Great return by renting rooms

Korkmaz explains a mechanism for dividing the profits, saying: For example, a hotel consisting of 20 to 30 rooms, and according to its geographical location and the advantages that characterize this hotel, the average annual income for this hotel is estimated between 150 thousand to 200 thousand dollars annually, meaning that 10 shares when divided On the number of people provide an annual return of $ 15 thousand. This means that a person recovers his investment over a period of 10 to 15 years, which is very attractive for a foreign investor, and Korkmaz said this creates a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller .

This type of investment can be extended to other sectors

Korkmaz, head of the Istanbul Tourism Association (ISTTA) , said that the interest in hotel quotas has become increasing from investors coming from the Middle East, especially from Iraq and Iran, and stated that this new investment model is highly admired and will expand further to include European countries and Asian countries. He also added that this model will expand further within the next two years, and that these investments will expand further to include other sectors outside the field of tourism, such as power plants .

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