5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Turkey

Investing in Turkey

The investment community often reports on the topic of investing in Turkey, why investors are interested in investing in Turkey, and what are the reasons and incentives that make Turkey a fertile investment environment, all of this and many questions on your mind that you will find answers in this article, where we will present You have a detailed introduction to everything related to Turkish real estate investment and its types.

Advantages of investing in Turkey

Turkey is considered a center of attraction for Arab and foreign investors, because there are many investment opportunities in it, as certain categories of investors are interested in working in various types of commercial sectors, while others are heading towards the industrial sector, but most Arab investors are attracted to investing in Turkey in the real estate sector , Especially in the real estate market in Istanbul.

In recent years, the Turkish construction sector has witnessed great growth and prosperity, with a high percentage of foreign investors buying real estate and investing in Turkey.

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

There are many reasons that motivate you to invest in Turkey, the most important of which are :

Turkey's successful economy

Turkey's economy over time is booming more and more, This made the gross domestic product triple to 851 billion USD in 2017, compared to USD 231 billion in 2002 .

In addition to the stable and remarkable growth of the economy in Turkey at a rate of 5.8% between 2002 and 2017, the economy in Turkey It will become a very promising country in the future, which made it one of the fastest growing economies compared to the members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development .

The average annual growth of GDP is 5%, and Turkey ranks 13th in the world in terms of economic strength and 5th in comparison with the countries of the European Union .

Turkey's favorable investment climate

Turkey is distinguished by being one of the countries that does not impose restrictions on foreign investors, which makes it a suitable opportunity for anyone looking to invest in Turkey when the Turkish government started legal amendments and changes, which helped a lot to encourage investment in Turkey for foreigners, especially in the field of real estate .

Turkey's high infrastructure

The transportation infrastructure in Turkey is characterized by its great development, as well as communications and energy, as it has multiple facilities and means of sea, land and air transportation at very low costs, and transportation and transportation methods in Turkey are characterized by rail to Central and Eastern Europe, which makes it a safe country for investment in general .

Turkey's strategic location

Turkey is a bridge between two continents Asia and Europe, which is one of the most important reasons why it is a good investment opportunity It encourages many investors to invest in Turkey, besides all that linking Turkey is between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, imagine what investment would look like in one place It connects all these areas .

Low taxes in Turkey

Taxes in Turkey are low , as corporate income tax was reduced to 22% from 33% in 2018 Until 2020, all this plus some tax breaks and incentives In some specific areas the goal is to develop them as quickly as possible, and in some cases may Up to the stage of partial or total exemption from income tax .

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

One of the most prominent features Turkish real estate market It is an emerging and strong market, it is the second strongest and most active construction market in the world, and it occupies Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment sites worldwide around the world, thanks to Turkey's strong assets and infrastructure, and because it It provides huge government facilities for foreigners wishing to own property, so we will mention in this The article is the most important advantages of investing in Turkey :

  1. A real estate buyer acquires a real estate residence in Turkey .
  2. If the purchased property is worth 250 thousand US dollars, you can apply for Turkish citizenship, and this feature is one of the most important advantages of buying real estate in Turkey .
  3. After obtaining Turkish citizenship, the property buyer can obtain the strong Turkish passport internationally .
  4. It provides an opportunity for property buyers to link their foreign investment between the West and the East, due to the ease and ease of the real estate investment rules set by the Turkish government .
  5. The location of the property in a conservative environment of eastern and Arab customs .
  6. Attractive tourism resources in Turkey can achieve a great return on investment in Turkey, as the property can be rented at record prices in different tourist seasons throughout the year .
  7. Compared to European countries, the cost of living is relatively low .
  8. Availability of a strong infrastructure with high quality .

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