What is meant by easement title in Turkey real estate

It is a contract between the seller and the buyer at the notary or the notary to buy a property under construction or a property that is still on the official plans, where the salable properties in Turkey are divided into two parts, and the first section is ready-made properties. These papers are delivered after the real estate is fully established and the buyer has handed over the housing license by the municipality. On the official plans, this type of title deed is called the easement tabu or easement tabu, where a copy of the easement tape is then sent to the real estate appraisal company authorized in the process of evaluating the title deed by the Turkish government, where the process of selling the property while it is in the case of construction is a legal process But it is not recommended except in cases where the property is bought with a government guarantee or from a very reliable company in the Turkish real estate market.