Important and modern modifications to the Turkish Tapu registration system

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey earlier this month made a set of important statements regarding the developments that will occur in the real estate registration system in the Turkish Tapu Department, the facilities that citizens will enjoy to inquire about their properties and other accurate information on this subject .

What will happen to the Turkish Tapu Record?

In a statement made by Mr. Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey, at a seminar held by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey in Turkey, entitled : “ The Program for Introducing the Updates of Title Deeds and E- devlet Applications ” , he stated that technological and information development are among the most important priorities in the twentieth century ".

He also said: “The directorates of taboo In Turkey it represents Turkey's data bank and its technical memory. He explained that the Tapu directorates, with their more than 1,000 Tapu units, provide services to nearly 30 million citizens, by completing nearly 8 million Tapu transactions annually .

He added, “Conducting 8 million Tapu transactions per year, means the equivalent of completing one transaction every second. It is known that completing these transactions is not that easy, especially since the main task of the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey directorates is the possibility of completing these transactions in a transparent, fast and completely reliable manner. With the beginning of this year, the old Tapu bonds are updated .”

An independent identity with a special number for each title deed

In Mr. Korum’s talk about removing some information whose presence is unnecessary in the title deed, the minister explained that: “The district (neighborhood), the sector, and the island, which determine the location of the property, are not among the information that will be removed, given the importance of this information. Of course .”

He added, "The new title deed contains a specific number, representing the "property identity number", and this number will be similar to the TC number in the Turkish identity, so that each property will have its own identity, and through this number we will reach the directorates of taboo To information about the roots of the Tapu deed, such as: (the source of the original Tapu deed, how it was organized, who is the owner), and we will also make additional updates to this information later .”

Providing Tapu bonds with QR codes

In his speech, Minister Corum said: “From now on, we will use TABO bonds supported by QR codes, known as QR code.”

He said about these codes: "The QR codes in the title deed will enable people, when scanning them through their phones, to enter the electronic TAKBİS system of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Survey, and citizens will be able to review all information related to the property they own through the use of this electronic system, Whether the property is a land, a house, a shopping center or any type of real estate .

The title deed will include the total area and the net building area

The minister pointed out that there are differences between the total area and the net area in real estate sales, saying: “The concept explained by our ministry for the total and net area is not clearly used. Thus, it is possible that the new owner will not be able to know the net area of the house he bought, but from now on we will see in the new title deed in construction projects, the amount of the total and net area according to the definition of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and thus the property owner will be able to clearly know how much is the total and net area per square meter of the apartment he purchased .

The current Turkish Tapu bonds are considered temporary until they are replaced

Minister Corum confirmed that the new Tapu bonds are expected to provide great facilities for citizens in their transactions .

Then he added: "There is no doubt that the title deed that exists now is temporary, and anyone who wants to update the title deed of his property can replace it by reviewing the title deed directorate ."

دائرة الطابو التركية

The transactions of the Turkish Tapu and the employees who manage them will be monitored, moment by moment

In his speech, Minister Corum indicated that the application of the "business intelligence" system will be implemented, and thus the ministry will be able to monitor transactions accurately, in addition to monitoring the performance of employees, explaining that it has been done until today in the city of Istanbul It alone manages more than 2 million Tapu transactions, and the number reaches 30 million transactions for the whole of Turkey .

He added: “Through these updates and these systems that keep pace with modern modern requirements, we aim to achieve the citizen’s satisfaction and provide him with comfort in his transactions, and we aspire to reach through these updates to a three-dimensional taboo, so that we are in the process of moving to a system that allows the owner of any property to inquire about His property, by sending short messages to the Land Registry Directorate, such as asking: Is the property seized or not? Or does it have a mortgage or not? Thus, the citizen gets the answer to his questions .”

 Will the system achieve the audit of the evaluation?

Minister Corum said, stressing that Tapu transactions will take place through the real value of the property: “Some people register the real value of their properties, and others provide false or incomplete values with the aim of tax evasion; Therefore, we will soon activate applications and systems that solve the issue of missing values. We are also striving little by little through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey and the General Directorate of Land Registry towards directing transactions to the electronic medium and fully automating real estate in Turkey .”

After the symposium ended, Minister Corum held a press conference in which he answered the journalists' questions, and the question was repeated during the conference. Real estate appraisal And registering the value in the title deed. He replied, explaining this matter: Thanks to the new title deed system, the property will not be registered after today except at its real value .