Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Turkey

Turkey is one of the tourist countries that has become famous among many lovers of travel and travel, because of its beautiful nature and wonderful recreational ways, but the traveler may find in it some cultural and social differences from his environment, and therefore he should have known the nature of that place that he has always been attracted to. Coming from east and west, here are tips for travelers to Turkey

Things you should know before traveling to Turkey

Entry to Turkey :

Entry to Turkey requires obtaining a visa, and you must make sure that your passport has a validity of 6 months from the date of entry into the country so that you do not face a problem at the airport, and you should know that your stay in Turkey as a tourist only reaches 3 months and the value of the visa is currently 60 US dollars Payable upon arrival at the airport for all citizens of the Arab Gulf countries .

Transfer from the airport :

You have to arrange the process of transferring you from the airport to your destination with your travel agent before traveling to Turkey, especially since the taxi tariffs in front of the airports are very high, and therefore you must learn about public transportation in different Turkish cities, and how to travel through them so as not to fall prey to my drivers. Taxi and trick them to get more money .

Residence in Turkey :

If you want to stay in an air-conditioned room with a fully equipped bathroom, you should stay in a five-star hotel, especially if you are looking for special meals, and if you stay in a popular hotel, you will have to go out daily to the nearest restaurant to eat your appropriate breakfast .

Negotiating the price of the merchandise :

The comma in the price is a must in many places in Turkey, and the general rule is, if the seller accepts to barter for his product, do so and stick to the price that you find appropriate, even if it comes to pretending to walk away and reject the product, especially that this trick makes the seller give you what you want at the price that you specified in advance, but if he refuses, you must either abandon the product, or pay the requested price .

Turkish language :

You have to learn a few Turkish words before traveling, so that your experience is generally enhanced, and you know that the Turkish people are very friendly and try hard to help tourists and foreigners coming to their country, sometimes even extending an invitation to the family home for tea or coffee Turkish .

Convert Turkish lira to dollar :

Specifically, converting US dollars and euros into Turkish lira is easy in Turkey, where exchange offices offer the best rates, and ATMs are also spread all over Turkey, but do not rely on your ATM card as a main source of cash, as you may not be able to Find an ATM at the place you visit, always have some cash with you along with your ATM and credit cards .

Dress etiquette in Turkey :

Although Turkey is a Mediterranean country in which the cultures of the East and the West are fused, and one feels that he is in one of the world countries, the rural communities in Turkey still maintain their ancient customs and traditions, so if you choose to travel to Turkey, you must be aware of the appropriate dress etiquette .

Telephone communication methods in Turkey :

Using your mobile phone in Turkey will incur high costs. If you plan to make a lot of local calls within Turkey, you must buy a local SIM card and insert it in your phone and you will be treated at that time according to Turkish rates, whether you make local or international calls, and if you plan to make International calls abound, the most economical way is to purchase a TT card.

Photography :

Photographing Turkish women, especially in rural areas, is considered offensive to them. If they reject you when pointing the camera at them, you must stop immediately, but if they respond to your request and promise to send them a copy of the photos, you must abide by the promise .

Weather in Turkey :

If you are visiting Turkey in summer especially in July and August, you may need your sun hat and cream to protect from harmful rays burns, and if your visit is in winter especially in November, December, January, February, March, you will need heavy clothes and some umbrellas .

Water in Turkey :

Although the tap water is safe to drink in Turkey, it is advisable to buy bottled mineral water for drinking, which can be found in almost any store. This is because chlorinated water for sanitation reasons in Turkish cities may not like its smell, and in the end you can Clean your teeth safely using tap water .

Car crossing :

You must ensure that there is an appropriate distance between you1 and oncoming cars when you cross the public streets in large cities, especially since motorists drive at high speeds in open spaces .

Safety :

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world, but there are some rare cases of theft, crime and robbery that occur in big cities, so if you want to walk around the city at night, leave your valuables, such as money and passport in the hotel safe to avoid any accidents steal .

Sightseeing :

If you are traveling independently, you must check the dates of visits to museums, especially since most museums are closed at least once a week, but in the year you can visit archaeological sites daily from nine in the morning until five in the evening .