Tourist Residence in Turkey

What is a tourist residence in Turkey?

Tourist residence in Turkey is a document that foreigners who are on Turkish territory and who meet specific conditions can be issued if they wish to stay in Turkey for a period exceeding 90 days .

Reasons why Arabs prefer to immigrate to Turkey instead of European countries?

The new amendments to the law on residence of aliens and international protection stipulate several points , the most important of which are :

  1. It will be possible to apply for a residence permit through the institutions that are assigned by the General Directorate of the Turkish Immigration Service .
  2. Extension of the short-term residence period to two years, after it was previously granted for only one year .
  3. The possibility of short-term residence holders staying more than 120 days outside Turkey in the last year, after canceling the clause that invalidates the short stay in the event that the allowed period outside the country is exceeded, which is 120 days during the last year .
  4. Cancellation of the clause that invalidates the family residency if the residency holder exceeds the period of 180 days outside the country during the last year .
  5. Extending the family residence period to a maximum of 3 years, after it was previously granted for a maximum period of two years .
  6. For owners of short-term and family residences, a list of bases for determining the period of stay outside the country's borders will be organized .
  7. Foreign students coming to study in Turkey through public institutions will be granted a residence permit for the duration of study in Turkey .

Cancellation of the clause limiting the duration of work for foreign students in the bachelor and Turkish institutes stages to 24 hours per week, provided that a new law is issued to determine this period .

Residence in Turkey

Duration and Cost of Tourist Stay in Turkey

One of the types of residence permits in Turkey known to foreigners is the tourist residence, the duration of which is determined according to what the person who wants to apply chooses To tourist residence in Turkey, starting with 6 months and ending with two years, either from The cost aspect, of course, varies according to the age group of the applicant, and the duration The time period for which he wants to obtain a tourist residence in Turkey ,

For example, for the age cost, we mention them: From 1 to 18 years the cost is 675 Turkish liras, from 18 to 25 the cost is 985 Turkish liras, from 25 to 35 1090 Turkish liras.. As for the time period, we mention that the cost of the tourist stay for two years for Omar 1 to 18 years at a cost of 985 TL, from 18 to 25 the cost is 1420 TL, from 26 to 35 the cost is 1575 TL .

Tourist residence card in Turkey

Advantages of Tourist Accommodation in Turkey

  1. We summarize for you the most important advantages of a tourist residence in Turkey with the following points :
  2. Obtaining an identity number because it is required in many internal transactions .
  3.  A prerequisite for work residency is to obtain a tourist residency .
  4.  Opening a bank account in all Turkish and international banks .
  5.  Postponing compulsory army service for Syrians .
  6.  Facilitate the movement of merchants and businessmen and the establishment of companies or any private business .
  7. Register the electricity, gas and water bill in your name and obtain internet services .
  8. It helps to own real estate, buy a car or make a Turkish driving license .
  9.  Facilitating obtaining visas for some countries that require Syrians to obtain a tourist residence permit in Turkey, such as Saudi Arabia .
  10. Entry and exit from Turkey without obtaining a visa or without paying a fine or violation .

Conditions for Humanitarian Residence in Turkey - Residence in Turkey for Syrians

Humanitarian residency is a type of residency in Turkey that can be obtained in Turkey. It is granted to those who suffer from unsuitable security conditions in their country, and who cannot be expelled from the country despite the issuance of a decision to expel them . Within a maximum period of 20 days, starting from the date of granting the permission, it is also required for the approval and extension of humanitarian residence to obtain the approval of the Turkish Ministry, in the event that one of the conditions for granting humanitarian residence is violated .

Tourist residence card envelope

As for the Syrians in Turkey, the Turkish government offers three types of residency for Syrians in its country. The first is temporary residency, which is granted to all Syrians, which authorizes them to work in Turkey, or tourist residency for a year, or investor residency granted to Syrian businessmen who invest their money inside Turkish territory .