Atatürk Belgrade Park in Istanbul.. Barbecue, wedding and rare plants

On an area of more than 345 hectares, the "Ataturk Belgrade" park extends north of Istanbul, with more than two thousand species of different rare plants and trees from all over the world .

It contains 3 charming small lakes, and its breathtaking natural beauty preserves measures imposed by the administration, prohibiting tourists and even researchers, from tampering with its trees and plants .

To get away from the usual tiring activities of tourists who come to Turkey for the summer vacation, thousands of them flock to the park every week, in search of relaxation amid its calm and picturesque

nature, and to enjoy its fresh air .

Scientific purpose :

The park is not only a destination for tourists, but is visited by students from various Turkish and international universities, with the aim of conducting research and projects on the plants available in it .

Ataturk Belgrade includes many engineering exhibitions and museums, the most important of which are the nineteenth century engines exhibition, and the old communications exhibition, which contains various types of photographic, telegraph, telephones and loudspeakers, since the time of the Ottoman Empire .

The garden is also an essential kiss for those who are about to marry, where the newlyweds go before their wedding to take memorial photos in the middle of a beautiful nature .

The forest is also one of the most important areas of Istanbul for Turkish and foreign tourists to hold barbecue parties, as the city's municipality recently identified large areas equipped with barbecue facilities, which is one of the most enjoyable activities that a tourist can do there .

As for its rare plants, the park contains dozens of them, in addition to a group of animals such as deer and squirrels, as well as some birds that live in such environments .

As for walking, the area has become a popular activity, where jogging and walking can be practiced, through special paths that have been prepared for this type of activities .